Electing Democrats is vital to protect our democracy. Our chapters in target states are galvanizing support among South Asian Americans and others to do just that.


But we need your help. We are seeking people to join this chapter's leadership to help contribute to saving democracy in the 2022 midterm elections. Please contact us and someone will get in touch with you about next steps.


  • Up and down the ballot.  We will focus on energizing Asian and South Asian voters to help flip the Senate blue.  Bringing Asian voters’ scrutiny to the Senate race, will also help us focus their attention on races up and down the ballot, which is equally important.


  • Key Texas races. We will focus on key races to help change the Texas landscape to blue and the voting support in the future races.  Key races in 2022 are governor (Beto O’Rourke), lieutenant governor (Mike Collier) and several  local, state legislative and congressional races.

  • Voter and candidate engagement. Engaging with candidates is always important, but we want them to reciprocate. To that end, we will hold multiple candidate forums, podcasts and meet and greet events.

About Us

We will utilize every tool we can to activate voters and get them to the polls.  We intend to work with the Texas Democratic Party, our sister chapters in Austin and Houston and  our networks to achieve these goals.

  • Phone banking, which can be easily done from home during free time.

  • Text banking, which is similar to phone banking and can be done from home or anywhere.

  • Block walking, which means going door to door (based off of a list of registered Democrats) and talking to individual voters or leaving information about candidates.

  • Meet & Greet / Virtual Meet & Greet, which are organized events to meet specific candidates.

  • Voter Registration By Mail (VRBM) which helps voters get registered via mail.

  • Vote by mail, which the state allows.

  • Encourage early voting to prevent delays on Election Day.

If you can spare a few minutes per day or a few hours per week, we need your help to turn Texas Blue.  Please join us.

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