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Register Voters in Swing State

Invite Friends to Take Action

Leverage your network to make an impact now!

Here's the message to share with your friends and family:


Hi there,

I recently joined They See Blue/Desi Blue and think this is a great group for you to join too!

At They See Blue, our mission is to mobilize and engage South-Asian Americans in the democratic process to elect Democrats to all federal, state and municipal level seats, by leveraging voter data and cultural connection. We are a purely volunteer-run grassroots voter mobilization group. We have chapters in various battleground states, but are open to having volunteers anywhere in the US!


To join and receive updates, sign up here.

Join our facebook page.

Check out our website.



Or send a templated email:

^^^ This link works best for desktops. It will open your native Mail App and start an email with the templated text above. You then just need to add in emails of your friends and family and hit send!

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