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Scared of Omicron? Get Your Booster Now!

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

It’s only December but it feels like Groundhog Day with the appearance of the Omicron variant. Didn’t we just deal with the panic over Delta?

If Covid fatigue is getting to you, there’s plenty of good news, even as the inevitability of more and more mutations of the virus loom on the horizon and countries race to get a handle on outbreaks.

1. Vaccinations work: The data is clear that vaccinations have had a huge impact on cases and fatalities due to COVID. An NPR study starkly concluded that counties where vaccination rates are low have had many more cases and deaths due to COVID. It’s not a surprise that these counties are also predominantly Trump supporting counties, given that Republicans have chosen to take a hardline stance against vaccinations, persuading their supporters that individual rights supersede science.

2. Boosters have shown promise against Omicron: Preliminary laboratory studies demonstrate that three doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine neutralize the Omicron variant. A third dose of the vaccine increases the neutralizing antibody titers by 25-fold compared to two doses against the Omicron variant.

3. President Biden is in charge: What a relief to have a President again who believes in science! Thanks to the efforts of this White House, over 200 million Americans are fully vaccinated and those that are not have opted out, rather than being unable to.

The President has come up with a ten-step plan provide additional protection to Americans and fight the Omicron and Delta variants, while keeping our economy growing. This plan includes:

• Boosters for All Adults

• Vaccinations to Protect Our Kids and Keep Our Schools Open

• Expanding Free At-Home Testing for Americans

• Stronger Public Health Protocols for Safe International Travel

• Protections in Workplaces to Keep Our Economy Open

• Rapid Response Teams to Help Battle Rising Cases

• Supplying Treatment Pills to Help Prevent Hospitalizations and Death

• Continued Commitment to Global Vaccination Efforts

• Steps to Ensure We Are Prepared for All Scenarios

While Omicron appears to be highly contagious, there is some evidence that it is a milder variant, so vaccinated and boosted individuals are even better protected. Do your part in helping the country return to normal by taking your vaccine/booster shot if you haven’t already. Talk to your reluctant friends and family about the safety of the vaccines and the importance of herd immunity through vaccinations. Find a booster shot location here.

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