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They See Blue's List of Critical 2024 Congressional Races:

Biden Harris Record_edited_edited_edited

We enthusiastically back the reelection of the Biden/Harris administration and all Democratic candidates in 2024.

Energizing Americans of South Asian origin to register to vote, especially in battleground states, so they can proudly cast their ballots for democracy, climate change, reproductive freedom, gun safety, LGBTQ+ rights and other  progressive issues is paramount.

Every vote counts, now more than ever.

We Are They See Blue

TSB's National Youth Chapter

The National Youth Chapter is comprised of young Desi organizers seeking to get involved in politics and advocacy.

How You Can Help

Touch base with voters through phone calls 

Reach out to voters through texting

TSB Peacock_Transparent_1600x900_edited_

Write postcards to registered voters

Connect with voters through door-to-door canvassing

Distribute flyers in your community

Image that shows They See Blue's impact on the 2020 and 2022 elections in terms of text messages, postcards, phone calls, flyers and doors knocked.

We need you

We need help educating and firing up Americans of South Asian origin to vote for Democrats. Join our all-volunteer organization and contribute to our many activities from writing postcards to knocking on doors to protecting American rights. 

Image of a U.S. map showing where all They See Blue's chapters are located.

Join a Chapter

We have chapters across the U.S. with volunteers helping to get Democrats elected in their states.

Be a voice, meet other like-minded people, use your skills and protect the rights of your friends and family.

Biden's 10 Incredible Accomplishments in 2023

With inflation, interest rates and crime declining and stocks, jobs and consumer sentiment growing, there's a lot to be hopeful about in 2024. 

The Democracy Labs created this infographic to highlight the accomplishments of the Biden administration over the past year. 

Click on the image to read those highlights. 

Image showing accomplishments of the Biden Administration in 2023.

If Republicans win the presidency in 2024 and pick up Just one Senate seat, they will control all three branches of government and create an authoritarian government.

The Latest

Photo of the Bhaskars wearing TSB t-shirts

They See Blue® mentioned in October 10, 2023 Washington Post story

They See Blue Pennsylvania volunteers Jayashree and K.S. Bhaskar are interviewed about the progressive views of many South Asian Americans. Read an excerpt and story.

Photo of Nusrat Choudhury mentioned in a press release

First Muslim woman to be confirmed as federal judge

They See Blue® congratulates civil rights lawyer Nusrat Choudhury who was confirmed to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

Photo of Nabilah Islam mentioned in a press release

"Sometimes We're Just Too Nice!"A Conversation with Nabilah Islam

As the youngest — and first Muslim — woman elected to the Georgia Senate, Nabilah Islam says it's important to get aggressive in messaging to move the needle forward. 

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