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Turnout is critical. Writing postcards is a proven way to help spur voters, especially irregular or reluctant Democrat-leaning ones, cast their ballots. Help us reach out to Desis through postcards. 

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They See Blue


Grassroots organization for
Americans of South Asian origin

Engage voters in democratic process

Mobilize to elect Democrats in all races

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It's World Contraception Day - Will a Republican Government Ban It?


Donate to They See Blue


As South Asians, we must unite to protect the rights of our families in a thriving democracy.


Your support of They See Blue® will enable us to reach South Asians through targeted channels, encourage them to vote BLUE, elect more Democrats and expand our majorities in the House and Senate in 2022.


They See Blue® is an all-volunteer organization with minimal overhead. Your contribution goes directly to support voter outreach.

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