Who We Are

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Rajiv first became involved in U.S. politics in 2004. He volunteered for the first Obama campaign in 2008, co-founded Silicon Valley Courageous Resistance in January 2017 and They See Blue® in July 2018. He serves on TSB's National Strategy Team and helps coordinate its technology and data management activities.


Rajiv grew up in Bangalore, India, and earned a bachelor of technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He also holds master's and doctoral degrees in engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He has worked at eight startup companies in Silicon Valley, most recently as vice president of engineering. In his hometown, Rajiv serves on the Community Relations Committee and chairs the Technology Committee.


As a teenager, Rajiv spent three months hitchhiking by himself through Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and most of Western Europe, all the way to Umeå in northern Sweden. Rajiv enjoys hiking and loves sculpture. His car automatically shuts off whenever he passes by a French bakery.