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June 5, 2024
What Will Motivate Indian American Women To Vote This November?

Shubhra Sinha, a member of They See Blue National Strategy Group and the DMV Chapter, told India Currents about even non-Democratic women voting for President Biden because of reproductive rights: “This I have heard from many Republican women, and South Asian conservative women who are against Biden’s immigration and economic policies, but will vote for him to keep abortion legal."

2023 to 2021
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Dec. 18, 2023
‘Immigrants are poisoning the blood of our country,’ says Trump

Rajiv Bhateja, co-founder of They See Blue, told New India Abroad, “With their blood, sweat and tears, several generations of immigrants built the United States into the great nation it is today. It is hard to imagine what this country would look like without immigration. Today, immigrants can be seen at the highest levels of academia, science, industry, business, high-tech and government. Their entrepreneurship has help transform society and boosted the economy enormously."

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December 18, 2020
Democratic organizers set their sights on Asian American voters to win control of the Senate

Anjali Enjeti, who co-leads the Georgia chapter of the mobilization group They See Blue, said in the wake of the November elections, both Democratic Senate campaigns are targeting Asian American voters, holding events and expanding their presence on ethnic media channels. But organizers on the ground have been building their own machinery since 2017. The key to wooing Asian-American voters, they say: a candidate they respect with a coherent plan for the pandemic.

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