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Dec. 12, 2022
Did Indian Americans mobilize the margin of victory in the Georgia Senate runoff?

Hundreds of Indian American volunteers converged on Georgia last month, knocking on doors, sending out hand-written postcards, phone-banking and driving voters to the polls to gain a narrow victory for Democrats in the Dec. 6 Senate runoff.

The key race handed Democrats a 51-49 majority in the Senate. Democrats lost the House in the mid-term election Nov. 7, but by just 10 seats, a much-smaller margin than the earlier predicted “red wave.” Indian American political leaders predicted that Democrats would continue to wield majority power in the Senate despite the defection of former Democrat Sen. Krysten Sinema of Arizona on Dec. 9.

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PDF of the story reprinted by permission from New India Abroad.


Nov. 8, 2022
'Namaste Aunty': US Congress at Stake, Desi Americans Key to Tight Midterm Races
Locked in a tight battle to control the United States (US) Congress, Democrats and Republicans continue to believe in the no vote left on the table mantra. Hence the votes of one of America's fastest growing immigrant populations – Asian Americans – are pivotal, as shown by some dead-heats in the last election.

“We are about South Asian American votes. We can be influential if there are a few thousand South Asian voters in a tight race and if there are hundreds of thousands of desi voters in not such a tight race, we can be influential there too," says Rajiv Bhateja, Co-Founder of They See Blue (a play on the words Desi Blue), a grassroots organisation whose mission is to mobilise Americans of South Asian origin to vote for Democrats.


I Was Not a Fan of Kamala, But I’m Beginning to See We Have an Amazing Advocate in Our Corner

American Kahani

August 2020

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Aug. 14, 2020
How Indian Americans are reacting to Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's VP pick
For many Indian Americans, Harris symbolizes the inherent multiculturalism that resonates with their lives in the US. But India is also a source of friction among the campaign’s Indian American supporters. Some say Biden and Harris haven’t addressed crucial India-related issues. Others are still weighing things.


South Asian American Political Action Group ‘They See Blue’ to Host Fundraiser for Maine Senate Candidate Sara Gideon
India West
July 2020


March 2020
They See Blue Georgia’s 2020 Election Kickoff
On Saturday, February 8, 2020, the Georgia chapter of They See Blue, a national organization for South Asian Democrats working to flip seats blue, held their 2020 Election Kickoff at the Northwest Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Atlanta. 

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