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Instructions & FAQ for the They See Blue® 2024 Postcards Project

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1.They See Blue® is a Federal PAC. By law, we can only advocate for:

US House (
US Senate ( .


Our printed postcards cannot advocate for state/local candidates, e.g., Governor, Secretary of State, etc. (by name, election, or political office -- directly or indirectly), or ballot measures. We encourage postcard writers to abide by that but obviously cannot prevent them from doing so. We recommend saying “Vote Democratic” or “Vote Democratic up and down the ticket”.

2. To complete the postcard, first write the message, and then the address. Doing it in this order reduces ink smudging. Also try to use a non-smudging pen (gel pens are good).

3. What to write:


a. Suggested message:

Dear <INFORMAL NAME>(s) [See address sheet for informal names ]
Democrats work for women’s reproductive freedom, minority & voting rights, science, healthcare, schools and sensible gun laws.
YOUR vote matters. Vote for DEMOCRATS .
<Your name>
[Sign with your first name or any Desi name]


b. Alternative message:

Dear <INFORMAL NAME>(s) [See address sheet for informal names ]
Republicans are against women’s reproductive freedom, minority & voting rights, healthcare, schools and sensible gun laws.
YOUR vote matters. Vote for DEMOCRATS .
<Your name>
[Sign with your first name or any Desi name]


c. More ideas on the message:

Here are some other messages to choose from (your choice!):
• If you give Republicans your vote, they will take away your rights
• Don’t let MAGA Republicans steal our future
• Not voting is like having others vote for you
• VOTE to protect democracy, our planet, our future
• Many elections are close – every vote counts!
• Democracy only works when we all participate
• Voting is the best way for us to shape our future


4. Attach a 53-cent stamp to each postcard.

5. Take pictures of your completed postcards (and optionally yourself). Share them on the TSB Postcards WhatsApp Group to help inspire others.

6. Once you have completed and mailed your postcards, please email (Yay!) so we can update our database and mark your mailing DONE!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is writing postcards important?

Controlled studies have shown that receiving a hand-written postcard helps motivate irregular voters (those who don’t vote regularly) to show up and vote. Receiving a postcard signed by a fellow-Desi has an even stronger impact. In the US elections are primarily determined by turnout.

2. What does the postcard look like?


3. To whom will we be sending postcards?

We target South Asian (“Desi”) voters who tend to skip some elections (“irregular voters”). We motivate them to show up and vote BLUE. We send 1 postcard per address, prioritizing multi-voter households.

4. When will I receive the postcards? By when should I have them written?

You should receive them within a week after signing up. Write your postcards ASAP. Mail them between August 15 and September 15 to influence early voting.

5. When will I receive the addresses?

You should receive addresses via email about a week after you sign up. (If you’re receiving the postcards from a local contact within your area, please contact them for addresses.) Please search your inbox and spam folders for a message with the Subject: Addresses for Postcards .

6. What do I write on the postcards?

See the suggested scripts above.

7. How long does it take to write a postcard?

Once you get going, anywhere from 1.5 to 2 minutes per card. If you’re writing as agroup, you can speed this up via an assembly line (e.g., one person writes the address, another writes the message).

8. Can I just print the mailing labels?

We recommend hand-writing the address, the message and addressing recipient(s) by name(s) as that is most impactful.

9. How many postcards can I write?

Most people write between 100-300 postcards. Some have written over 1000! Importantly, we ask that you make sure to follow through on your commitment. A good way to get this done is to make it a family or group activity with music and food. Get friends involved, have fun, and make it a party. Send us pictures to help inspire others.

10. What about postage?

Our postcards require a 53-cent stamp. We pay for printing and delivering the postcards to you. We ask volunteers to contribute the cost of stamps. The post office sometimes runs out of postcard stamps close to the election, so buy your stamps early. If you have a hardship and can’t afford the stamps, please contact us.

11. Should I use a return address?

We recommend no return address. Per USPS, a return address is not required.

12. One of the names on my list doesn’t look like a Desi. Should I skip it?

Names and ethnicities can get complicated due to the spectrum of religions, conversions, name changes, marriage, etc. These are the best estimates of ethnicity, in many cases, self-reported. So please go ahead and write to everyone on the list.

13. Some names appear truncated, like Pramodkum. Can I write Pramod instead?

You can Google for that name and address which may help clarify. Beyond that, use your best judgment. If it is clearly wrong, address the postcard to Dear Fellow Desi.


14. The zip codes in my addresses are 4 digits instead of 5. Is that a problem?

Zip codes in New Hampshire and New Jersey (among others), start with 0, which are often dropped by computers. Please prefix the 4 digit zip code with a 0 when writing.

15. The addresses for some voters look wrong. They are supposed to be for voters in state X but are located in a different state, state Y. Are they wrong?

Sometimes people use a different mailing address vs. the one where they vote. This can be due to family situations, employment, college, etc. Please write to the address provided since it is the mailing address for the voter.

16. What if I have further questions?

Contact Rajiv, , 408-796-1276 if you have further questions or to join the TSB Postcard Writers WhatsApp Group.


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