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California is where the flagship chapter of They See Blue was founded in 2018.


They See Blue was formed in the CA Silicon Valley in August 2018, just before the November 2018 US mid-term elections.  Despite the short time, our laser-focused strategy was to help flip three nearest Republican-held House seats (CA-10, CA-21, CA-22) by energizing the Desi vote in favor of Democrats.  Despite no prior political activism experience, we were able to organize rapidly and make a tangible, positive impact:

  • Rapidly grew our membership to nearly 200+ Desis and built alliances with other grassroots groups

  • Held fundraisers for all three Democratic candidates and raised nearly $60,000

  • Established direct relationships with campaigns to get filtered lists of voters to do targeted outreach to Desis  (e.g. made phone calls, traveled to the districts to do door-to-door knocking, sponsored political ads on local Desi radio stations)

  • Helped flip CA-10 and CA-21 in narrow victories (CA-22 was a much narrower loss than predicted by experts)

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