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What You Can Do Today

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Tell your U.S. representative and senator that they must pass legislation to raise the debt ceiling. Use our letter here to spell out why it's imperative that they do it immediately so as not to imperil our benefits and livelihoods. 

Need to find out who represents you in Congress? Find out by clicking the buttons below. Click on the Word document to automatically download the letter to your computer or, alternatively, you can copy and paste the letter to your message.

Dear <Elected Representative's Name>,


As you are aware, on Jan. 19, 2023, the United States hit the debt ceiling. As a result, the federal government is unable to borrow any more money to pay our debts. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is taking “extraordinary measures” to continue paying our bills, but this is a short-term solution to give Congress some time to pass legislation to raise the debt limit and avoid defaulting on our debt.

Using the debt ceiling to make cuts to Medicare, Social Security and other vital federal programs impacts the most vulnerable members of society and is absolutely unacceptable. The House has voted to raise the debt limit for the past 80 years (including three times during the Trump administration to give tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, resulting in skyrocketing debt). Failing to increase the debt ceiling now is nothing short of playing politics, grossly irresponsible and an abuse of the oath of office. It will have serious consequences including: the loss of almost 6 million jobs, a serious recession, a global financial crisis and higher borrowing costs going forward. As our elected representative, we urge you to please do your job and pass legislation to raise the debt ceiling.

The debt limit increase is to pay bills for expenses that were already authorized, so we urge you to act responsibly and do the job we elected you to do. Just as I cannot call my creditors to tell them I refuse to pay my bills, the U.S. must honor its debt obligations.


<Your Name>

Need to learn more about the debt ceiling or debt limit? Click these resources to get more information: 

Click the Word document to download the letter to your computer. 

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