Electing Democrats is vital to protect our democracy. Our chapters in target states are galvanizing support among South Asian Americans and others to do just that.


But we need your help. We are seeking people to join this chapter's leadership to help contribute to saving democracy in the 2022 midterm elections. Please contact us and someone will get in touch with you about next steps.


Our main goals are to help flip races to Blue and recruit more volunteers in the PNW region so we can also potentially focus on local races.

How you can participate as a member:

Core Team Member: We have a few spots open for a core team membership. These volunteers participate in strategy discussions and lead and provide guidance to various planned activities of the General Team Members.  Activities include coordinating with the parent They See Blue® organization, the campaign of the candidates we chose to support, etc.


General Team Members: Help execute on the planned and guided activities from the Core Team members. These include:

  • Phone Banking - Calling the potential voters with a message

  • Text Banking - Texting the potential voters with a messag

  • Post Carding - Handwritten letters to the potential voters with a message

  • Participating/enabling fund raisers

  • Work with candidate’s campaign to help where it is needed

About Us

The Pacific Northwest chapter started in July 2020 when a member from Portland attended an on-boarding session. Since both Oregon and Washington are Blue states, the chapter formed to leverage the passion of South Asians living in the Pacific Northwest in order to 'adopt' a race in another state that is not Blue.

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. ​How do we know which voters to contact in the activities above?

The Core team members will be providing lists of potential voters to contact. These voters tend to be either Democratic voters or unregistered voters. We also provide training and guidance for each of those activities as well as required materials.

2.​ I do not want my personal details out there when I am volunteering. Is that possible?

Yes. Volunteers usually use their first names and a mailbox address when postcarding. We take precautions to make sure our volunteers' concerns are addressed

3. How about COVID-19 safety?

All of the activities we listed above can be done from the safety of your home.

4. How much time commitment is it?

It can be as much as you feel compelled to spend.

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