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Donald Trump has promised to implement a number of harsh orders and laws if elected as president again in 2024. From reinstituting a ban on visitors from Muslim-majority countries to forcing prayer in schools to likely outlawing abortion altogether. These aren't idle campaign promises but real threats to American rights, especially if Republcans also retake the U.S. Senate and keep control of the House.

We encourage you to read more about what Trump intends to do if elected. To that end, below are several news stories outlining and detailing what Trump, his allies and supporters want if they are back in power. It's incumbent on all of us to become better informed abou
t the issues we are facing and our rights that are being threatened. At They See Blue, we believe everyone needs to vote for our presumptive Democratic nominee, President Joe Biden, and Democrats down ballot. We believe not voting is as good as voting for Trump and Republicans. Click the headlines below to read the stories:

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