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A group of like-minded Indian Americans in early 2017 started a grassroots movement to politically spur our community to vote for Democrats as well as have candidates recognize our activism. Our organization is called South Asians of Michigan Organizing for Serious Action, or SAMOSA.


In 2018, we organized numerous house parties and invited candidates, who were running for office up and down the ballot, to address us. We also canvassed, phone banked, wrote postcards and also hosted a first of its kind town hall attended by more than 300 Indian Americans, andwith gubernatorial, attorney general, secretary of state and congressional candidates as speakers.

In 2020, with COVID-19 making us housebound, we reached out to South Asians, informing them absentee voting. We followed that up with more than 40,000 phone calls, 30,000 texts, thousands of postcards and canvassing. We were there when Republicans challenged the vote count for the presidential election at Detroit's then TCF Center and rejoiced when Joe Biden was declared the winner.

In 2021, our members became active in several local races in the metro Detroit area. We are now increasingly engaged in city-level politics, showing our might as organizers. Our presence is recognized by top Democratic Party officials and candidates up and down the ticket.

We have conducted voter registration drives and protection initiatives and reached out to absentee voters. Our members participate in local Democratic clubs and other affiliated organizations.


Donate to They See Blue


As South Asians, we must unite to protect our rights and those of all Americans. To do that, we must be actively engaged in our democracy against those who want to see it crumble.

Your contribution through ActBlue will help us elect more Democrats and expand the majorities in the House and Senate in 2022.
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