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A Compassionate Leader

Are you ready to help make a big change? It is time for a Compassionate

Leader to take the helm and lead us to a better tomorrow.

What is a compassionate leader? A leader who is able to lead from their

head ( intelligence and action) and heart, (caring, empathy).They

inspire others through empowerment.

Joe Biden has compassion - he has been through tragedy and suffering

and has emerged stronger and kinder. It shows in the way he relates to

people whether it be seniors, veterans, children. Joe Biden’s life was

jolted and forever changed when his loving wife and young daughter

died in a car accident. He brought up his two sons and continued to

work for us, the American people. He was hit with another devastating

trauma when his loving son Beau died of brain cancer. These hardships

have molded him into a father, citizen, and leader who identifies with

people’s tragedies and difficult times. He takes the effort to understand

people, the situation, and take logical action. He is empathetic and his

perseverance gives people hope and faith.

2020 has brought on a plethora of life-changes. We live in a world that

is paused, where there is fear, anxiety, and despair. Who would have

imagined that a virus could upend our lives and cause a staggering

number of cases and deaths? Biden wears a mask and social distance,

knowing that this will protect people. Biden would take logical action

which is science-based and listen to the public health professionals to

gradually slow down the spread of the virus. His caring personality is

shown with the way he will provide consistent and clear evidence-based

guidelines for how to navigate the pandemic with regard to schools,

small businesses, and families.

Black Lives Matter has been around since 2013 and has seen a revival

with new protests because of recent incidents of police brutality. Biden

is capable of empathy for families who have gone through sorrow and

tragedies. He and his wife made a special trip to Kenosha to visit Jacob

Blake’s family in the time of need. He is caring, compassionate, and

works to unite and heal the people.

The international community no longer views America as a leader

because of the current administration’s stance on immigration, climate

change, or the way the pandemic has been handled. We need an

ethical, strong leader who has the welfare of his people at hand. A

president who will live up to the moment to control this devastating

virus, make Black Lives Matter, care for the planet, provide accessible

health insurance, bring back jobs, improve immigration laws, and make

education available for all. A president who will restore America to once

again have a strong presence in the world and be treated as a

progressive, powerful, and influential nation.

As Joe Biden said during his recent Democratic Convention he would

fight for America, as “an ally of the light not of the darkness”.

You can hear the voice of change... the loud beat stirring within us as to

make a transformation of government and it is getting louder as we get

nearer the elections. Each one of us can make this difference by getting

our voice heard and standing up for our rights. GO OUT and VOTE!!! It

is now for us to bring on a leader who is compassionate and who will

guide us out of these arduous times. Seize the moment!

Geetanjali Arunkumar

Life Coach, Author, Artist

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