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This Election, An Eleven Year Old’s Perspective

By Aeshaan S. 

From an early age, I have been aware of our politics. My father and I shared a long commute to my school and the news has been a daily companion. I was in 2nd grade during the 2016 election season. Even though I was very young, I remember being very excited about Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the prospect of a woman becoming the first ever president. I remember   feeling like the whole sky turning dark when Donald Trump took the oath. Since then, my fears have only been reaffirmed as this president has ravaged the country. Families separated, jobs lost, kids put in cages and medical access removed and increased racial tensions - we can’t stand for these injustices any longer!

Gun Violence

My school recently got a fence to protect us from gun violence. My class teacher came face to face with gun violence at last year’s shooting in Gilroy.  Has it really come to that? Kids like me will be constantly reminded that school is dangerous.  We have drills to teach us how to avoid death through gun violence.

In the night I am often scared to sleep with thoughts that someone breaks in and we can’t do anything because they have a gun.  We are scared and we should not be. Me and my friends are scared in their own school and their own house. 

President Trump is ignoring our fears and claims that guns are only used for hunting and self-protection. Families across America are suffering - every few weeks we are reminded of the horror of gun violence. 

The NRA and the Republican party has driven us to fear for a long time. Joe Biden has taken the NRA and won twice. That is who I wish to be the next President.

Cancer and health care

With my parent’s help I have been aware of how important health care can be. For the last six years, I, along with my classmates and friends have been raising funds for pediatric cancer research at Lucille Packard’s Children’s Hospital (Please Donate!).  All of us want to be in a world where cancer and really any healthcare is no longer a fear. Anyone who needs help will get help - we will take care of each other.

Joe Biden knows how dangerous cancer can be.  I know with his loss and empathy, we WILL eliminate the second leading cause of death in the United States of America.  

Systemic Racism 

My parents are immigrants from India and in the last few years I have been made acutely aware of race, skin color and differences these can make in America. President Trump, with his tweets openly sympathizes with white supremacists. President Trump has been associated with confederates and their flag marches one too many times. This isn’t the world me and my generation wants to grow up in.

Let’s be real - Black Lives Matter! The killing of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd is only a fraction of systemic racism. Just defunding the police or banning chokeholds won’t help. We must take a different approach to this. But the President waves it off like a fly - just a nuisance! Nothing has been done to stop it! Republicans use the phrase all lives matter. Yes, all lives matter but right now Blacks are being killed, and Blacks need the attention! We need a new approach to bring equality in society. 

I know Joe Biden will be the one to do so. Please vote for Joe Biden!

About Aeshaan S. 

Aeshaan is eleven years old and started 6th grade in Palo Alto, California. He is passionate about the future of America and raising funds for Cancer. He enjoys playing classical guitar and before Covid, loved playing squash.

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