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Your Vote is the Last Remaining Defense of American Democracy

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

With the extralegal and unprecedented appointment of a Special Master by a Trump-appointed judge to delay and confuse the prosecution of the former President’s mishandling of classified documents for months, the writing is on the wall.

The judiciary, as it stands, has been tainted for several generations to come. Despite President Biden’s appointment of federal judges at record pace, the highest court of the land is in the hands of an unqualified, hyper-partisan, reactionary majority. Eventually every decision made in lower courts can find its way to the Supreme Court to be overturned. The Dobbs decision is a perfect example of how a partisan Supreme Court reversed women’s reproductive rights in one stroke.

The executive branch, the Presidency, is currently in the hands of a progressive and democratic leader, but we came within inches of the 2020 elections being overturned on January 6th, 2021. Far from being discouraged by the arrests and prosecutions that followed, the election deniers of 2020 have found a strong foothold within the GOP and MAGA Republicans are standing for election as Secretaries of State in various red and swing states, which would give them complete control over the electoral processes of their states.

Which leaves the legislative branch, the House and the Senate. Currently we have a dead tie in the Senate and a narrow margin in the house, which has enabled President Biden to pass historic and consequential legislation to protect American jobs, fund infrastructure projects, and begin investment to address climate change issues. But should our majority be lost after the midterms, expect a hate-filled, white supremacist congress to make abortions illegal on a national level, rig elections for the foreseeable future, and burn the planet in search of greater profits for their cronies (see the sale of Arizona water to the Saudis, for example.)

If there’s one ray of hope that America can continue to be a democracy that works for all people after November 2022, it is that Democrats will come out and vote in overwhelming numbers, with such margins that no claims of fraud can have any merit (though there will be such claims). In a sense, what is being asked of us, what can make each of us a hero, is such a simple thing – VOTE DEMOCRATIC.

If you want to do a little more, here are some options –

- Talk to your friends and family members who voted in 2020 and who may be sitting out the midterms because of lack of knowledge or apathy. Get a commitment from them to vote, tell them it is for their future generations.

- Reach out to other Democratic voters through text banking, phone banking, postcard writing, and flyer mailing. You can join TheySeeBlue’s events by signing up here to be notified. We’re a really fun bunch, I promise.

- Donate to key races that are winnable. You can check out our list here, or donate to TSB in general to support our efforts to reach out to South Asian voters who can really play a very important role in determining the outcome of local elections. (see Georgia).

And if you don’t have the bandwidth for any of the above, remember, you are going to be a hero by just casting your VOTE.

Photo from Facing South.

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