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They See Blue® Congratulates the Honorable Janet Protasiewicz on Her Successful Election to the Wisconsin Supreme Court

APRIL 9, 2023 — They See Blue®, an organization focused on mobilizing South Asian voters to elect Democrats, would like to congratulate the Wisconsin Democratic Party and all They See Blue activists and volunteers who helped to elect Janet Protasiewicz to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

At a time where women’s rights and voter’s rights are at siege in every Republican-controlled state in the United States, the election of Judge Protasiewicz has had the extremely important effect of turning the highest court in Wisconsin liberal. This will assure the voters of Wisconsin that there is a bulwark against Republican efforts to take this country back to a dark time when a handful of elites controlled the lives and rights of citizens in a corrupt and antidemocratic way.

Thanks to this key win, abortion rights are likely to be preserved in Wisconsin, reflecting the will of the majority. Efforts to gerrymander Wisconsin districts to make the state representation undemocratic are also likely to meet their end at the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Another important impact of this election is to prevent malfeasance in upcoming elections, especially the 2024 Presidential elections.

Rajiv Bhateja, one of the founders of They See Blue, had this to say about the win: "We are heartened to see the resounding victory of Judge Janet Protasiewicz in an election with historic turnout. Voters in Wisconsin have sent a clear message that Republican voter suppression and the assault on women's rights have absolutely no place in society. This message has now been delivered in red, blue and swing states and we look forward to delivering it again, forcefully, in 2024."

This tremendous achievement would not have been possible without the efforts of Democrats from around the country, and Wisconsin Democrats in particular. They See Blue volunteers and donors were honored to do their small part in reaching out to South Asian voters in Wisconsin via organic and paid social media, and we also participated in several voter outreach activities.

Founded in 2018 by four South Asian Americans, They See Blue® has grown to over 6,000 members with 22 grassroots chapters nationwide. As a registered Section 527 all-volunteer organization, They See Blue seeks to engage and increase the participation of South Asian Americans in the political process of our great country and to help elect Democrats. For more information, see:


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