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They See Blue® supports President Biden and Vice President Harris’ 2024 re-election

APRIL 25, 2023 — They See Blue® is proud to endorse President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris after they formally announced Tuesday that they’ll be seeking a second term in 2024. Our volunteers and activists across the country are ready and eager to mobilize the South Asian community to re-elect the ticket.

“They See Blue commends President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for bringing steady hands and sanity back to the White House. Their numerous accomplishments include fighting COVID-19, addressing climate change, strengthening the economy, providing relief to veterans and students, standing with our allies against aggression, acting against gun violence, supporting women's rights, voting rights, jobs and much more,” said co-founder Rajiv Bhateja.

“Our amazing army of volunteers will work tirelessly to overcome rightwing cynicism and disingenuity, re-elect these two stalwart leaders and help them lead America to a brighter, safer, more democratic and prosperous future for all,” he added.

Overcoming an intransigent opposition since elected to office, the Biden/Harris administration has been extraordinarily transformative for the U.S. and world. Some key achievements are:

• Enacting The Inflation Reduction Act that makes significant investments in infrastructure and energy projects while meaningfully tackling climate change
• Issuing an executive order that protects reproductive rights
• Signing legislation that strengthens common sense gun safety.
• Reducing the deficit by a historic amount
• Controlling the price of prescription drugs for seniors
• Reinvigorating the country’s manufacturing and clean energy sectors
• Presiding over a booming economy
• Selecting a South Asian woman as vice president and providing her with major responsibilities in the domestic and foreign areas
• Building a diverse cabinet with strong representation from the desi community

As we've been doing since 2018, They See Blue® will organize phone banks, text banks, postcard campaigns, flyer distribution, and disseminate paid and organic social media to engage and inform South Asian voters. During the 2022 election cycle, we have achieved:

• 75,000 handwritten postcards to voters in swing districts and purple states
• 10,000 phone calls to voters
• 600,000 text messages
• 10,000 doors knocked
• 10,000 flyers mailed or dropped off

They See Blue® also aired multiple TV ads and provided numerous interviews across seven TV stations; radio ads in English, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi and Marathi; and 29 interviews across 12 radio stations. To view the ads and interviews, please visit and our YouTube channel:

Please join us as at to support the Biden/Harris re-election campaign. We are seeking volunteers for every aspect of the campaign so learn how you can contribute. To donate to the organization, please visit

About They See Blue:
Founded in 2018 by four South Asian Americans, They See Blue® has grown to more than 6,000 members with 22 grassroots chapters nationwide. As a registered Section 527 all-volunteer organization, They See Blue® seeks to engage and increase the participation of South Asian Americans in the political process of our great country and to help elect Democrats. For more information, see:


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