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About Us

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Our Arizona chapter is based in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and is fairly new. But our team has years of political activism and experience to help achieve our goals.


Our plan to ensure success of our goals is to focus on GOTV (Get Out The Vote) by using every tool we have in our reach.  

  • Phone banking, which can be easily done from home during free time.

  • Text banking, which is similar to phone banking and can be done from home or anywhere.

  • Block walking, which means going door to door (based off of a list of registered Democrats) and talking to individual voters or leaving information about candidates.

  • Meet & Greet / Virtual Meet & Greet, which are organized events to meet specific candidates.

  • Voter Registration By Mail (VRBM) which helps voters get registered via mail.

  • Vote by mail, which the state allows.

Donate to They See Blue


As South Asians, we must unite to protect our rights and those of all Americans. To do that, we must be actively engaged in our democracy against those who want to see it crumble.

Your contribution through ActBlue will help us elect more Democrats and expand the majorities in the House and Senate in 2022.
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