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  • Keep the U.S. House and Senate by mobilizing and engaging Americans of South Asian* origin in the democratic process.

  • Flip Ohio's Senate seat blue and as many House races as possible.

  • Increase voter registration and voting among Americans of South Asian Origin

About Us

Before the 2020 elections, a small group of South Asians in the Greater Toledo area engaged in focused conversations about charting a new course politically, one that seeks to heal and include. The They See Blue® mission had struck a chord and we formed our TSB Ohio chapter.

The majority of our core group members are from the Greater Toledo area with one member from Columbus. We hope to have representation from all of Ohio’s major metropolitan areas. This is a crucial election and we urge all Ohioans of South Asian origin to join us as we work to keep the U.S. House and Senate and help Democrats win federal, state, and local races.

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