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Youth Leadership Council


1. Use digital tools & media strategies for intergenerational voter engagement 

2. Engage with our community and build collaborative partnerships with allied organizations

3. Lead the initiation of a dozen chapters across the nation

The TheySeeBlue YLC has held a number of Voter Registration By Mail events in San Francisco and Oakland. We have organized at member's homes, coffee shops that support our mission, and spaces that local organizations have graciously offered for us to use. We have also helped build national and support national chapter growth, including traveling to Georgia and Houston.



Our chapter began in 2019, when it became clear to the TSB Core team that we needed to make this movement intergenerational to represent the true diversity and power of the South Asian diaspora across the US. A few of us presented at the Bay Area Solidarity Summer (BASS) political action camp for South Asian youth in summer of 2019, and several members of BASS along with other South Asian youth came together to form the original YLC. Our first meeting was held in August of 2019 in Oakland with members joining primarily from the Bay Area, and since then, we have had members join the YLC from all across the nation.

Data from Reclaim Our Vote shows that current 18-40 year olds are the most registered generation in history, and also have some of the lowest voter turnout in history. Young voters are overwhelmingly left-leaning, so our work to mobilize this generation of voters is imperative. If we can engage young voters in swing states this November, we can grow the electorate and turn Senate and House seats across the nation from red to blue, and flip the presidency to Democratic leadership to get our country back on track.

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