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Manoj Sharma, Co-Chair

Manoj loves to strategize and plan various activities and engagements to help mobilize the South Asian community in political processes. His primary goal within TSB-NC is to increase the representation of Democrats and candidates with progressive policies, focusing on Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts and raising awareness within the South Asian/Desi communities.  He also serves as the vice-chair of his local Morrisville 05-08 precinct where he meets with constituents in his town/district and  listens to their concerns, and enjoys bringing these issues to various levels of government and party officials. His political platform is centered around ensuring that democracy in America reflects the voices and votes of all citizens, not corporations, and he advocates for getting dark money out of politics, fighting gerrymandering, reforming criminal justice/immigration/healthcare systems, promoting equal rights, making education accessible, combating the climate crisis, and supporting diplomatic foreign policies that uphold human and civil rights globally.

Professionally, Manoj has an extensive background in IT leadership, having held various roles in FinTech/RegTech and HealthIT companies. His journey from Nepal to the Midwest, and eventually to North Carolina in 2006, has shaped his diverse and inclusive worldview and makes him a formidable advocate for progressive change.  Outside of his professional and political work, Manoj enjoys spending time with his family, and actively leads various community and sports organizations, reflecting his commitment to service in all aspects of his life.

Aarti Desai, Co-Chair
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Mona Singh, Director of Outreach

Mona leads the implementation of outreach initiatives for TSBNC. She is responsible for maintaining connections with party officials, elected officials, voters, and volunteers. Mona has been volunteering for the Wake County Democratic Party (WCDP) and various campaigns since 2007. As a volunteer she has trained volunteers, canvassed, organized phone banks, and fundraisers. She finds connecting with voters the most rewarding experience.  In addition to TSBNC and WCDP she also volunteers as an English teacher with Church World Service and organizes food and clothes drives through her organization Helping Hands. Her motto is to always take friends along for volunteering to multiply the effort.

In addition to her volunteer work Mona is an Intellectual Property Consultant.  She has worked in the technology industry for 30 years. 

Chitra Balachandran, Director of Get Out The Organization
Sudhakar Vundavalli, Director of Fundraising Activities
Ram Manchi, Community Advisor - Charlotte Area
Venkat Mandavilli, Community Advisor - Raleigh Area
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